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YL Pressure filter and Fluidized dryer series
 YL Pressure filter
Pressure filter

YLPressure filter It is a kind of intermittent pressure filter with features as below:
High solid-phase recovery efficiency.It can separate out fine grains below 1 num.and discharged water is clean.The filter allows to be fed with one batch of materials one time,thus resulting in less loss of size mixture.So it is particu larly suitable for quicky hydrating size mixture from a ballmiller.
Timesaving,labor saving,energy saving,ease in operation and no pollution.

 Fluidized dryer series
Fluidized dryer series

Fluidized dryer series named fluidized bed also, have been constantly modified and improved for over thirty years from its application and now are widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food-making, grain-processing industries,e.g. dehumidifying,and drying powery or granular materials of raw ingredients for medicines,granular medicines,electuaries,fodder,plastics and resins,etc.grain size of materials should be within the rang of 0.1mm-6mm,the best is 0.5mm-3mm.


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