LGZ-A Centrifugal spray dryer
LGZ-B Centrifugal spray dryer
LGZ-C Centrifugal spray dryer
LDZ Pressure spray dryer
WDZ horizontal spray dryer
LPZ cocurrent spray dryer
Centrifugal Spray Dryer For Testing
Circulating Mixing Grinder
ZDL Vibrating Fiuidized Bed
Auxiliary Heating Equipment
Auxiliary Equipment
Pump family and Atomizer series
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LGZ-A series high-speed centrifugal spray drying machines
LGZ-b series high-speed centrifugal spray drying machines
LGZ-c series high-speed centrifugal spray drying machines
LGZ-A spray dryer
Widely used in chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, medicine, construction, and sylvichemical products.
LGZ-B spray dryer
suitable for chinese and western medicine, food , fine chemical industries
LGZ-C spray dryer
suitable for Ceramic industry, capacitor material, alumina and other special particle.
LDZ pressure-spray granulating and drying machines
LPZ series flat flow spray-granulating and drying machine
LGZ-5 High-speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer for Testing
LDZ spray dryer
widely used in ceramic tile, tableware, ceramic substrate, ceramic materials, ferrite magnetic materials and other industries.
LPZ spray dryer
widely used in all kinds of dyes, intermediates, organic dyes and heat saisitive mataials (food and feed additive) industries. Its the ideal equipment for making dust-free dye and pigment.
LGZ-5 spray dryer
is suitable for chemical, petrochemical, metallurgy, food, medicine, ceramics, forest industry and other fields. Its an ideal choice with small area, high efficiency and less procedure.
LGZ-8 series high speed centrifugal spray dryer for testing
Circulating Mixing Grinder
Vibrating Fiuidized Bed
LGZ-8 spray dryer
We increased two-fluid atomizer based on LGZ-5. For quality assurance, from getting clients inquiry to material testing, we will get the best processing parameters through physical analysis .
DS Circulating Mixing Grinder
is a machine of stirring and mixing. Usually, the requested material particular diameters need reach micron level with much higher quality. ......
ZDL Vibrating Fiuidized Bed
is suitable for drying, cooling, humidifying (or processing in combination at the same time) powdery or granular materials such as citric acid, gourment powder, borax, thiamine, compound fertilizers, white carbon, bean dredges, distillers' grain, seeds, slag, etc in chemical, pharmaceutical, food-making, cereals and mining industries.
pressure filter
Drying Machine
Pump family
FT Drying Machine
Atomizer family
Auxiliary heating equipment
Atomizer family

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